Our Objectives

The main objectives of the CPD’s activities are:

Promoting the creation of Ukraine’s positive image in the world by using the methods and instruments of public diplomacy;

Reinforcing Ukraine’s investment, scientific and technological, educational, cultural, tourism, sports, environmental potential in the process of its integration into the European and Euro-Atlantic structures.

To achieve these goals the CPD plans:

  • To develop and realize the projects/programs/initiatives directed to creation of positive image of Ukraine and its institutions in the world;
  • To develop and deliver the educational courses and trainings on diplomacy, European and Euro-Atlantic integration, foreign policy, international relations;
  • To conduct fundamental research into the pressing issues of Ukraine’s internal and foreign policy and the ways how to tackle them.

We are open to partnership and cooperation with government institutions, non-governmental organisations, representatives from academic circles, think tanks in Ukraine and in the world.

Соціальні мережі

Соціальні мережі